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E-M:/ public hearing for endangered woodlot in Detroit

Tuesday, January 9, a public hearing will be held concerning a beautiful 17.5 acre mature woodlot that sits adjacent to the Fisher Mansion in Detroit. This woodlot is the last vestige of a natural mature woods with naturalized wetlands and a superb thriving ecosystem.
The hearing location is at the Coleman Young Munipical Building at 2 Woodward Ave., 13th floor in the Commitee of the Whole. It will take place before the Neighborhood and Community Services Standing Committee of the Detroit's City Council along with the City Planning Commission, Planning & Development Dept. as well the Historical Designation Advisory Board.
The City of Detroit has sold this parcel of land and the proposed developer is in the process of pulling permits from the various govt. agencies. When the process for the sale of this land was unfolding, the community spoke out in a majority against the development, but their voices were not honored.