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Re: E-M:/ reforestation (Michigan medians?)

It might be good to take the 1000 points of light approach to reforestation. 


One opportunity is the medians in our highways.  Most medians in southern Michigan are totally bare except for grass/weeds.  There may be a purpose for this, but the benefits of foresting the medians could be substantial – CO2 sequestering, beatification, traffic calming and even improved safety (It might be better for a dozing truck driver to hit a tree rather than crossing the median and killing innocent drivers/passengers.)  The few places where there are forested medians are a welcomed site – and aren't beautiful highways good for tourism in a vacation state?


Trees can be rather inexpensive if they are root stock, small and bought in large quantities.  Tree funding can come from the State, grants from corporations and organizations, contributions and fund drives.


Many volunteers are available to plant trees (with State approved training and safety supervision): corporations, service organizations, church groups, environmental groups and older students and even a few felons needing service hours. Groups could adopt a section for planting and receive a road sign for recognition – “The next mile of trees was planted by the SE Michigan Sierra Club.”  Planting can take place over a few years.


Just some thoughts,    frank