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E-M:/ Sustainable Energy Seminar Series

Upland Hills Ecological Awareness Center presents:
January thru March 2007

Saturday, January 20, 1 - 4 pm
with Barry Pendley
Improving insulation can be the most cost-efficient way of reducing a home's heating and cooling costs. Part 1 of the seminar, presented by Barry Pendley, will provide an overview of various insulating materials and methods used throughout the world. Special attention will focus on recent findings pertaining to health issues as they relate to insulating materials and methods. Barry Pendley is a member of a family-owned business that has over thirty years experience in the insulation trade. 
Part 2, presented, by Richard Bearup, will explore state-of-the-art, energy-efficient lighting products and technologies. Learn how you can save energy and money using the most innovative and efficient lighting available. Richard Bearup is director of WattBusters, an e-commerce website developed by MTI Lighting Specialists, Inc. in response to increased awareness of the need for energy conservation in the residential marketplace.

Saturday, February 10, 1 - 4 pm  
with Jim Leidel
Come learn how to make your own clean and renewable diesel fuel substitute for 50 cents per gallon from waste restaurant oil.  If you don't drive a diesel car or truck, come learn how to save 10 to 40% on any vehicle's fuel bill.  In his 2006 State of the Union address, President Bush put forward the lofty goal to reduce our Middle East oil imports by 75%, in the next 20 years. Ambitious? With some effort and political will power, we can do 100% in less than five years.  Come and learn how simple change can be, and what you can do to get started.
Jim Leidel has been the energy manager for Oakland University for the past 5 years. He is a mechanical engineer with 16 years experience with energy management and building control systems. Visit www.ouenergy.com to learn about the sustainable energy projects Jim is involved with at OU.

Saturday, March 3, 1- 4 pm
With Wayne Appleyard
If you are thinking of renovating or improving your home, this seminar is where to start. Learn how you can save energy while having less impact on the environment without sacrificing aesthetics or quality of life. The seminar will investigate the use of green building materials, energy and water conservation, day-lighting, renewable energy, and other ways to move closer to a carbon-neutral life.
Wayne Appleyard is an architect and co-founder of Sunstructures Architects in Ann Arbor. He has been designing energy-efficient, passive solar buildings since the mid 70's. Early work included the Upland Hills Ecological Awareness Center and countless passive solar houses. More recent projects include The Leslie Science Nature House and Michigan's first two cohousing communities: Sunward and Great Oak, among others.
** Each seminar will include a free Energy Tour of Upland Hills Ecological Awareness Center, a Michigan Energy Demonstration Center. **
Upland Hills Ecological Awareness Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing experiences that teach and promote sustainable and responsible relationship with the natural world and each other. The Center facility is a demonstration model of energy-efficiency, ecological design and renewable energy applications including wind & solar electricity and a living 'green' roof.
Seminar Location:
Upland Hills Ecological Awareness Center
2375 Indian Lake Road
Oxford, Michigan, 48370
$10 (payable at the door)
Advance registration is highly recommended via e-mail at info@uheac.org or by calling 248-693-1021.
For More Information:
Visit our website at www.uheac.org