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Re: E-M:/ Ice Mountain Environmental Stewardship Fund

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At 01:03 PM 01/21/2007, you wrote:
><http://www.mlive.com/search/index.ssf?/base/news-10/1169378230231320.xml?muchronicle?NEM&coll=8>Bottler's money flowing into water research
>Nestle created the Ice Mountain Environmental Stewardship Fund the same year it built its Ice Mountain water bottling plant in Stanwood. Nestle last year bottled 226 million gallons of groundwater from the Muskegon River watershed at that facility. 
>The Fremont Foundation administers the Ice Mountain fund and decides which projects receive funding, foundation officials said.

....Sounds like "guilt money" to me on the part of Ice Mountain 
and Nestle.   On the other hand, the ethanol guys are 
absolutely shameless ......instead of creating foundations to 
appease guilt, those "corn fed bowsers" as Jeff Fieger might
call the corn farmer-ethanol cabal that have their hands in 
the taxpayer's pocket and are going to mine far more groundwater than 
the water bottlers.

Last week I mentioned the 630 million gallon per year 
water mining that Liberty Renewable Fuels will do in 
Ithaca.   This week we learn of the plans of foreign 
investors holding a company called E85, Inc. to build
an ethanol plant in Corunna (near Flint) that will take 525 million 
gallons per year from either groundwater or surface waters.
Typically over half of that will get thrown up in the air 
as vapor and be an out of the Great Lakes basin water 

Like the water bottling plants, the ethanol plants go in without
comprehensive state environmental review.    

We used to have
a system for environmental review of major state actions in 
Michigan.   In the last days of the Blanchard Administration, 
he eliminated the Michigan Environmental Review Board 
intending to replace it with another review process.  However, 
Blanchard lost to Engler who didn't do anything on environmental 
review and eliminated nearly all of the boards and commissions that
served as public forums.

Democrat Jennifer Granholm hasn't done anything at all about environmental 
review systems and she hasn't done anything to restore any of the public forums 
citizens used to have with decisionmakers to hear public input before
making permit decisions or to hear about non-compliance facilities.

Instead, Granholm has the state in the ethanol plant promotion business with 
grants and boards in order to raise corn prices to benefit corn farmers and 
grain elevator operations.   The Granholm policy is to turn a blind eye to 
massive water mining of a public trust  resource -- groundwater -- in order to promote this
ethanol industry.

The agriculture guys at the Farm Bureau think all of this is great, even though ethanol 
plants will put significant pressure on animal feed prices for farmers that are not
in the corn growing business.   While ethanol plants produce a lot of grain waste
that can be fed to cattle, some of it may not necessarily be very good quality....
....distiller's spent grain that is dried may not be as pallatable to animals because
of excessive dryer temperatures and a burnt feature of such dried grains.   No
one seems to have any data on whether dried distiller's grains contain
acrylamide, a carcinogen formed under conditions found in such grain dryers.
The other problem is that spent distiller grains don't contain the starches necessary 
for fattening hogs and other animals.   

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