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E-M:/ MDEQ Environmental Mapper

Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ)

January 23, 2007



The Michigan Environmental Mapper has been created and allows you to view, on a Michigan map, the following:


The user can display the sites based on search criteria by address, city, county, river basin, MDEQ district, and Michigan legislative district.  In addition, the user can view sites within a certain distance of a location, a land lot, or a stream segment.  The results can be printed, with the map, and/or exported to an Excel spreadsheet.  The underlying data is extracted daily from two databases.


For environmental mapper instructions, definitions, and disclaimer click here.


A link to the Michigan Environmental Mapper is also available from the Remediation and Redevelopment Division's home page


Note that the site/facility information, without the mapping function, continues to be available on the following web pages:



Suggestions and questions on the use of the environmental mapper should be sent to:

Mr. Nick Ekel

Remediation and Redevelopment Division, MDEQ

Phone:  517-241-7036

E-mail:  ekeln1@michigan.gov


Questions on website navigation and the DEQ-RRD listserver (electronic mailing list):

Ms. Susan Norton

Remediation and Redevelopment Division, MDEQ

Phone:  517-373-2113

E-mail:  nortons1@michigan.gov


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Program Support Section Chief
Remediation and Redevelopment Division
Michigan Dept. of Environmental Quality
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e-mail: yusafm@michigan.gov

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