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E-M:/ 2 Ethanol Plants -- 1.25 billion gallons of water mining per year

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

I went to the public meeting on the proposed ethanol plant by 
e85, Inc. in Corunna tonight.....and they admitted on the record to 
1.7 million gallons per day of groundwater withdrawal.....

That means that just two ethanol plants in the Granholm campaign to 
enrich corn farmers and ethanol plant investors (and bankrupt
hog farmers which cannot feed spent distiller's grains for effectively finishing
hogs because the low starch content but who still must endure higher 
corn prices ).....   .....Just two plants at Ithaca and Corunna....will cause the 
groundwater mining withdrawal of 1.25 billion gallons of Great Lakes
Watershed, public trust resource water per year.

Over half of this water will be an out of Great Lakes watershed/out of 
basin transfer by evaporation and discharge to the air.   Neither of the 
plants is considering dry cooling for even a portion of their cooling needs.

The city fathers in Corunna seem intent in blocking any attempt to bring
the matter of the plant going in to a local vote.   They also seem to want 
to block debate about the plant by limiting public comments to questions only.

The plant wants to put its wells near the Shiawassee River which some of the 
locals say already dries up completely in the summertime at Corunna.....so much for 
aquatic flora and fauna, eh?

Of course, when the feds are handing out big per gallon subsidies of corn-based 
ethanol and Michigan allows over a billion gallons per year of a public resource to 
be expropriated at no cost in the name of corporate welfare, I guess it is easy to 
see the result as it occurs.   All of this again is occuring with no social, environmental 
and economic review of the consequences.....since our Democratic governor has never
seen fit to correct the rollbacks of prior governors in environmental review and concern.

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