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Re: E-M:/ FW: Scientists and Evangelicals Unite to Protect Creation

Yes, this is a hopeful and long-worked on initiative .... Rev. Jim Ball, Director of the Evangelical Environmental Network (www.creationcare.org - I think) has been behind this, along with Univ of Wisconsin at Madison environmental studies professor, Dr. Calvin B. DeWitt, for a long time .. and their work is just now beginning to bear fruit. (Well, much of what they have done has already had impacts, it's just catching the public and media's attention again, now)
There has been a long effort, also, in mainline Protestant, Catholic and Jewish religious communities, (since about 1998 / 1999, and even before, in the 1980's) to lift up climate change as an issue with profound religious, moral, and ethical implications (www.protectingcreation.org, www.coejl.org ), but it's very helpful to have the Evangelical crowd finally "going public" more and more frequently on this, given the political realities (of whose voice is heard) in this country.
Here, in Michigan, as well ..there is a long history of religious community education and advocacy
(at both state and national levels) on climate change.  Current organizations active in that way:
Kim Winchell
Diaconal Minister for Earthkeeping Education
North / West Lower MI Synod
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America