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Re: E-M:/ population as an environmental issue

In a message dated 1/31/2007 5:57:47 AM Eastern Standard Time, gstock@net-link.net writes:
I'd say we're discussing _greed_ nearly every day -- although it's
usually subsumed under "Vreba Hoff," "Nestle," "Liberty Renewaable
Fuels," "Harbor Shores," "Comprehensive Environ-mental Solutions," and
on and on...

I'd add "George Bush," but might start a "war AND insanity" thread!
Why aren't we talking about Vreba Hoff, Nestle, Liberty Renewable Fuels  etc,  and see what we can do about them? The endless blathering about illegal aliens, population controls etc , does nothing but blow hot air and we sure don't need more of that with global warming upon us :)
If you want to see a change, then be the change.  How many kids does everyone have?  Grandkids?  Did anyone spay or neuter them to prevent further increases in population?  Probably not.
What did you do to help the environment today?  Go vegan, there is a change you can do right this very instant.  If everyone did, bam, no more Vreba Hoff, its just that easy.
The only thing I have read so far that pointed towards a way to shift things was this comment by John Lowry,and it did not directly address population at all:
"I'm wondering if this desire can be used to save what's left,
i.e., by making natural areas and ecosystems more of a status symbol if we
can preserve more of our biodiversity.  Trying to "turn off" the perhaps
genetic desire to want something "better" for ourselves and kin may be
fruitless.  I'm guessing that the different value system of
pre-European-invasion Americans ("native Americans") placed a higher value
on this - but the value was real and not driven by ascetisicm.  If a
marauding tribe tried to take away another tribe's access to high quality
lands, the dispute would have been real.

Just my thoughts.

John Lowry
the sometimes immoderate moderator"
Getting the media to work towards that end would be great.  Imagine  commercials/tv shows/magazines/news commentators/newspapers showing your favorite stars/high power persons/political figures/ shunning dairy because of the lagoons of crap they create.