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E-M:/ Sierra Club, Congressmen, Dr. James Hansen, Energy Experts Unveil Energy Report

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Sierra Club press release on same topic:

Contact: Josh Dorner
31 January 2007


    Sierra Club, Renewable Energy Experts Unveil Groundbreaking Report
      Roadmap Details Plan for Tackling U.S. Global Warming Emissions
          by 2050 Using Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy Alone

(Washington, DC)- Today on Capitol Hill the Sierra Club joined with the
American Solar Energy Society (ASES), key Congressional chairmen and
representatives, and the nation?s preeminent climate scientist to unveil a
new report authored by ASES that lays out a plan for dramatically reducing
the nation?s global warming emissions.  The roadmap--now the official
Sierra Club global warming strategy--details how an aggressive, yet
achievable increase in the use of energy efficiency and renewables alone
can achieve a 60-80% reduction in U.S. global warming emissions by 2050.

"This report moves the discussion from whether we can achieve the necessary
reductions in global warming pollution with energy efficiency and renewable
energy in this country to exactly how we should do it," said Carl Pope,
Sierra Club Executive Director.  "Fully three-quarters of the reductions in
global warming pollution called for by Dr. Hansen and other scientists can
be realized using energy efficiency, wind, and solar--all technologies we
have today.  The rest can be made with geothermal, biofuels, biomass, and
other renewables.  We already have the best, cheapest, and cleanest
solutions at our disposal; now we just need the market and our political
leaders to put them to work."

Climate scientists agree that in order to prevent the most catastrophic
effects of global warming we need to halt the growth of our emissions
immediately and begin reducing them within the decade.  The peer-reviewed
report, "Tackling Climate Change in the U.S.," is authored by scientists
from the American Solar Energy Society, many of whom are employed by our
nation?s national research laboratories.  It identifies the renewable
energy resources available across the U.S. that can be used to transition
away from the dirty, fossil fuel-based energy economy of yesterday toward
the clean energy technologies that will fuel the economy of tomorrow.  The
report brings together detailed analyses of various smart energy solutions,
including energy efficiency solar (both photovoltaic and concentrating),
wind, biofuels, biomass, and geothermal.

"This roadmap gives us both a destination--60-80% emissions reductions by
2050--and a plan for how to get there using the best smart energy solutions
like efficiency and renewables," said Dave Hamilton, Director of the Sierra
Club?s Global Warming and Energy Program.  "Dollar for dollar, these clean
energy solutions are the best choices for America.  There is no reason to
invest tens of billions more in the outdated, environmentally and
economically irresponsible technologies of yesterday like coal and nuclear
when we can have efficient, clean energy at a reasonable cost.  If we want
to build a new energy economy based on clean energy and new, good-paying
manufacturing jobs, this is the road to get there."

Key findings of the report:
·     We can reduce carbon emissions by 1,100-1,200 million metric tons
annually by 2030 with aggressive
      deployment of energy efficiency and renewable energy alone;
·     82% of necessary reductions in carbon emissions can come from wind,
solar, and increased energy efficiency.               Biomass, biofuels,
and geothermal could comprise the rest;
·     This plan would achieve the U.S. share of reductions required to
stabilize atmospheric CO2 levels at                   450-500 parts per
million and limit additional average temperature rise to 1°C above 2000

The report was unveiled at a Capitol Hill event featuring Rep. Henry
Waxman, Chairman of the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee;
Sen. Jeff Bingaman, Chairman of the Senate Energy Committee; Rep.
Christopher Shays; preeminent NASA climate scientist James Hansen; Carl
Pope; Dr. Chuck Kutcher, ASES member, renewable energy researcher and
editor of the report; and Brad Collins, ASES executive director.

Contact Josh Dorner for hard copies of the report and reproductions of the
key maps and charts from the report, as featured at the news conference.

The full report can be downloaded at:


Josh Dorner
Associate Press Secretary
Sierra Club
408 C Street NE
Washington, DC 20002
tel 202.675.2384
cel 202.679.7570
fax 202.547.6009

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