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Michigan Friends,

I invite you to check out the website above – from Save the Wild UP.  Linger on the front page a bit for the slide show that’s there, that details some of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula history, and then start clicking.  Most importantly, you’ll find articles and links that explain problems associated with sulfide mining, and exactly what is at risk when the state considers giving the first permit to mine nickel and copper from ores containing sulfides.  When sulfides are exposed to air and water, sulfuric acid forms – putting at risk one of Michigan’s most important wild recreational areas.  Remember this type of mining not been done anywhere without harm to water and the land (I don’t give a rip if it’s been done within permit limits, the point is has caused harmful changes.)


To put this in perspective, consider that the state may soon declare some areas in the UP as disaster areas because they’ve gotten so little snow so far this year!  The lack of snow has harmed many local businesses that rely on winter tourism, keeping away both snowmobilers and skiers.  I understand that it only takes 5 local businesses to suffer economic impacts to declare a disaster zone. 


Compare this situation, where Yooper businesses are stuck because they can’t force the snow to fall, versus a situation where an absolutely lovely area called the Yellow Dog Plains may be put at huge risk from acid mine drainage that could ruin streams, a huge ugly mining operation that would gobble up over 100 acres of the land for 35 or 40 years, that would include a huge chunk of PUBLIC lands that would be fenced off from public accessa self-induced disaster zone, so to speak.  Because who will want to go snowmobiling in a mining zone, or cross-country skiing?  Or snowshoeing?  Any of our other wonderful winter sports that bring in tourism dollars??   


Check it out.  Watch for more on this thing, too.  Get engaged in this one, it’s not just about this thing that could happen in some far off corner of the UP – this is about Michigan’s wildness, one of the few remaining special magical places in the UP where moose and bears roam, where coaster brook trout can be found, where at least one pair of Kirtland’s Warblers nest, where eagles fly overhead – where I go to find my soul waiting for me.  http://www.savethewildup.com/  



~Rita Jack



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