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E-M:/ population: begin at home

Since we consume much more per person than anywhere else on the planet, it would seem that slowing population growth here is important and something over which we may have more control since it is our country.  Birth control information and technology and abortion services should be widely available, and they are not. Religious objections prevent access to women and girls all over the U.S. And, then we have the complicated question of immigration in our mix.

There are many steps that should be taken to assist other countries at the same time. Some are having amazing success while others, as suggested, seem to be in denial. Addressing crushing poverty is certainly a priority in making progress with this issue. Making birth control information and technology available is a part of the way forward, but it must be part of a larger vision for quality of life and sustainability.


Tracy Dobson, J.D.
Professor, Fisheries & Wildlife
Michigan State University
13 Natural Resources Bldg.
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