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E-M:/ DEQ calendar: all wetlands >5 ac to be regulated

The DEQ Calendar for February 5, 2007, is now available on the DEQ Web site at http://www.michigan.gov/deqcalendar.


Here’s one item…   




THE LAND AND WATER MANAGEMENT DIVISION HAS CERTIFIED TO THE DEQ DIRECTOR THAT IT HAS SUBSTANTIALLY COMPLETED ITS INVENTORY OF WETLANDS AS OF JANUARY 1, 2007. Final wetland inventory maps can be accessed electronically or requested in paper format at cost at www.michigan.gov/deqwetlands. Now that the inventory is complete, all non-contiguous wetlands over five acres in size will be regulated regardless of county population, making regulatory requirements uniform in all counties. Information Contact: Amy Lounds, Land and Water Management Division, 517-241-8169.



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