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E-M:/ Dioxin levels continue to climb

02/06/07 New sampling data:   100,000 ppt TEQ dioxin found in T.River

Levels as high as 100,000 TEQ of dioxin (page 303) are noted in a recent Geomorph study document which summarizes dioxin levels in samples collected in and around the first 6 miles of the river down stream of Dow's Midland plant.  The report contains the results of what looks to be over 3,000 samples collected from various depths and sites including wetlands, in channel, floodplain, levees, and river bank terraces. Sample results seem to vary all over the place, ranging from <10 to 100,000 ppt TEQ.  Note numerous samples collected at the surface contain levels ranging up to 30,000 ppt TEQ on the river banks (page 125) which is over 300 times the States RDCC (Residential Direct Contact Criteria) of 90 ppt.

Attachment R, Site Characterization Data Summary Report of Upper Tittabawassee River

Another document seems to be focused on erosion areas.  This report indicates levels as high as 9,700 ppt TEQ found in exposed soil, over 100 times the RDCC

Attachment S, Site Characterization Data Summary Report: Erosion Scar Sampling


Kathy Henry                     

Tittabawassee River Watch