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E-M:/ Michigan NOAA Weather Radio Week

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

As a user of NOAA weather radio on all my travels, 
I can unequivocally say that 
getting a NOAA weather/all hazards radio is a good investment.....it also 
automatically warns of threatening weather conditions if you 
leave it on....such as tornado warnings....

No more relying on brief weather information from local radio
stations....you can get complete weather information from 
NOAA weather radio.   You'll also get all automatic communications
from the FCC Emergency Alert System of such things as 
chemical releases and community disaster information.

If you'd like to sample NOAA weather radio is like, try this site:

More information on NOAA all hazards/weather radio:

Here is a list of all the NOAA Weather Radio/all hazard
transmitters in Michigan.....it would be pretty hard to find 
a place where you cannot receive at least one NOAA Weather Radio
transmitter broadcast:

Governor Jennifer Granholm has declared the week of February 4th 
through the 10th as NOAA Weather Radio all hazards awareness week in
Michigan. All Michigan residents are urged to learn more about NOAA 
Weather Radio all hazards this week.

As the voice of the National Weather Service... all hazards NOAA
Weather Radio provides continuous broadcasts of the latest weather
forecasts and information from your local National Weather Service
office. There are five National Weather Service offices serving
Michigan... Detroit/Pontiac... Grand Rapids... Gaylord... Marquette
and northern Indiana.

The typical weather program consists of weather forecasts and
conditions that repeat every 4 to 6 minutes... 

-a brief weather map discussion... 
-a detailed local seven day forecast... 
-and current weather conditions around the state and region.

Michigan NOAA Weather Radio all hazards stations located near the 
Great Lakes also broadcast a marine forecast of wind... waves and
weather which provides important information to all mariners... 
public and commercial. In addition... local climate weather 
information is provided... usually in the early morning and the 
evening... with data such as daily highs and lows... 
precipitation and degree days.

During severe weather or when a hazardous environmental condition 
exists... National Weather Service forecasters can interrupt the 
routine weather broadcasts and bring live special warning messages 
concerning the threat to life or property. Severe weather includes 
tornadoes... severe thunderstorms... floods and dangerous winter 
weather. Special marine warnings are also broadcast from those 
stations located near the Great Lakes. The forecaster can program 
the transmitter to send out a special code that will trigger an 
alert tone and activate specially equipped weather radios. The early 
warning that can be given over NOAA Weather Radio can be a life 

For additional information on NOAA Weather Radio all hazards... 
contact your local National Weather Service office and look for
more information statements concerning all hazards NOAA Weather
Radio every day this week.

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