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E-M:/ Re: Great Lakes Wiki Web site

       I was astonished to read the posting about MSU's new Great Lakes Wiki Web site. I'm mystified at how the MSU School of Journalism can develop and promote a program that, as the article states, "allows contributors to post information and commentary without prior editing with regard to fairness or accuracy." Fairness can be debatable, but accuracy? Accuracy should be the gold standard of any journalism project associated with MSU or any other university.
       Worse yet is the pathetic excuse that this is somehow acceptable because "mainstream media outlets are not immune to mistakes or occasionally allowing bias to creep into news stories." I was not aware that MSU condones shoddy journalism and biased reporting. Are these not things we should be trying to fix rather than pass off as part and parcel of the trade? Do we accept "mistakes" that affect the environment or the potential for "mistakes"? No. We demand perfection. The same should be true for a so-called "information" network supported by a college journalism program.
       I'm all for free speech, information sharing and protecting the environment, but I worry the Journalism College has put its reputation at stake with this site. I urge the college to investigate other forms of reporting that do not go against the basic journalism creed of accuracy.