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E-M:/ A human story related to CWD

A human story related to CWD
Man battles extremely rare, painful disease
After reviewing Kowalske's thick files, spinal tap results and numerous muscle biopsies, as well as conducting his own tests, Novak diagnosed Kowalske with chronic wasting disease, a Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease variant. To date, less than one-tenth of one percent of the American population is known to have had what Kowalske has, said Novak. And to even suggest that chronic wasting disease, a version of mad cow disease that affects deer, may have jumped to the human population is "very serious, very unusual,” said Novak.
TRAVERSE CITY — All that stood between Scott Kowalske and the life-saving stem-cell transplant he desperately needs was $22,000.  And a foot of snow.

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