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E-M:/ Sulfide Mining Update

Save The Wild UP E-Alert
February 26, 2007
This alert includes latest info on Public Hearings and Workshop, Marquette County Board Action, Upcoming Events, and Latest Publication

Attention Marquette County Residents,

Despite years of hearing residents express their opposition to the proposed sulfide mine, a Marquette County Commissioner may introduce a resolution supporting the Kennecott Eagle Project at Tuesday's (tomorrow) meeting.
As residents of Marquette County you have every right to tell your commissioners not to support this resolution. Please contact your commissioner and voice your opposition immediately. Show your elected representatives that you care about this issue by calling them or attending the County Commission meeting on Tuesday, 2/27/07, 6pm at the Henry A. Skewis Courthouse Annex, Marquette, Michigan
Follow this link for commissioner phone numbers: http://www.co.marquette.mi.us/countyboard.htm
Your voice counts, but only if you use it. We urge you to make your call today and join us on Tuesday evening.

Don?t forget -- Sulfide Mining Publication

Hits Newsstands Tuesday

Tomorrow?s Mining Journal readers will receive a special 12-page publication inserted into their daily newspaper. The publication, upLife, features stories and information related to metallic sulfide mining and the threat to Marquette County.

This publication, produced by Save the Wild UP, will be available on newsstands and by special distribution from the SWUP office. If you would like additional copies, please call the office at 906-228-4444.

Benefit Concert in Marquette This Friday!

March 2, 2007 at 7 pm
UpFront and Co.- Banquet Room, Marquette
All Ages Welcome
Suggested Donation $5-15

Featuring Performances by Daisy May & Seth Bernard and Ignorant Mob
A CD from Greg's August 2005, concert at the Peterson Auditorium in Ishpeming, Michigan, is being released by Earthwork Music.

Earthwork reports that "All proceeds for the album will go to the Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve, an organization dedicated to protecting the Yellow Dog River." (gregbrown.org)

For those of you unfamiliar with Greg?s music, he is a noted singer and songwriter and is often featured on public radio?s ?A Prairie Home Companion.? Greg cares deeply about this issue because he, himself, has enjoyed the Yellow Dog Plains as a fisherman and naturalist for years. To hear one of the tracks off this album and view a photo montage of the plains click here.

Special Deal: Buy One, Get One Free- Purchase the newly released Greg Brown CD at this show and receive a voucher for a free CD when you attend the DEQ/DNR Public Hearings, March 6, 7, and 8th at NMU's University Center

Public Hearings Draw Near

We?re only 8 days away from the DEQ Public Hearings, so be sure to mark your calendar for March 6 ? 8. Save the Wild UP encourages you to be sure to attend March 6th at 6pm, when we intend to pack the hearing room with people who want to preserve the regional character of Marquette County and promote a healthy long-term economy.

DEQ/DNR Public Hearings
March 6 ? 8, 2007
NMU University Center
Hearing Times: 1-4:30 pm & 6-9pm daily
Special Gathering: March 6th at 6pm

Attend Saturday?s Workshop

You?re invited to attend a special workshop this Saturday where strategies for effective public hearing testimony will be reviewed. Make your comments count by getting some helpful tips from those experienced in public hearing testimony.

National Wildlife Federation, Sierra Club, and the Michigan Environmental Council will be conducting the workshop, scheduled to begin at 1pm in the Cadillac/Brule rooms at the NMU University Center. Admission is free and we promise lots of tips and suggestions on effective testimony. Please join us!

Workshop: Effective Public Hearing Testimony
March 3, 2007
Cadillac/Brule Rooms ? NMU University Center

Send a Letter to the Editor

In Friday?s Mining Journal, the newspaper quoted Kennecott employee Jon Cherry as saying ??? there are a lot of people out there saying a lot of crazy things. They are spreading their propaganda and letting their concerns be heard.?

We ask you?

Is it crazy to be concerned about the future of our community? Is it crazy to be concerned about the safety of our watersheds and Great Lakes? Is it crazy to stand up for something you believe in?

If that?s the definition of crazy, count us among the crazy 10,000 people who signed petitions opposing this mine. We?re crazy about the U.P. and perhaps if Mr. Cherry and his foreign stockholders had spent any time here without dollar signs and bottom lines impeding their vision, they, too, would realize we have something worth protecting.

Feel the same as we do? Send the Mining Journal a ?Letter to the Editor? and share your love of the U.P. and your concerns about this dangerous mining proposal. Urge your fellow citizens to attend the Public Hearings, March 6-8.

Letters are limited to 400 words and can be submitted by sending them to:

The Mining Journal
Attn: Letters to the Editor
249 W. Washington
Marquette MI 49855
At the website:

It?s NOT a done deal! EPA weighs in

Just this week, the Environmental Protection Agency weighed in, requiring Kennecott to submit information, and requiring at least one permit requirement, with the possibility of more to come. Click here to view original AP story.The list of hurdles that Kennecott must clear is growing, thanks in part to continued public. Don?t let up now?.keep writing letters, attending public hearings, and making your voice heard!