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E-M:/ Climaet Protection Act Supported

Suttons Bay Council Backs National Initiative to Reduce Emissions
Eric Carlson
of the Enterprise Staff
The Village of Suttons Bay this week became one of an estimated half-dozen municipalities in Michigan to sign on to the U.S. Mayor's Climate Protection Agreement.
The non-binding agreement calls on municipalities to strive to minimize emissions of greenhouse gases as
part of an effort to reduce global warming.  Wherever possible, municipalities are expected to operate fuel efficient vehicles and take other measures to protect the environment.
"The general consensus is that we're already striving to do these things, so why not sign on?" asked village council trustee Steve Mentzer.
The rest of the village council agreed, voting 7-0 to sign the agreement. The City of Traverse City signed an identical agreement last month.
This article was reprinted with the permission of the Leelanau Enterprise, which published the article in its Thursday, February 22nd addition
~Monica Evans
 Traverse Group of the Sierra Club