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E-M:/ Ah, the irony... er... the mercury!

Enviro-Mich message from Gary Stock <gstock@net-link.net>

An irresistible duo:


   A giant tortoise and an orphaned baby hippo who forged an 
   unusual friendship after the 2004 tsunami in southeast Asia
   are the stars of a new Web site so fans can follow their progress.

   Mzee, a 130-year-old Aldabran tortoise, became a surrogate 
   parent and inseparable friend to hippo Owen who was washed 
   out to sea off the coast of Kenya, rescued by villagers and
   taken to a wildlife park where the tortoise lived...

With an unexpected matchmaker:

   The second installment in the animals' story follows their
   remarkable friendship at Haller Park Animal Sanctuary near
   Mombasa, Kenya, which is operated by Lafarge EcoSystems, 
   a unit of Kenyan cement maker Bamburi.

"LaFarge EcoSystems" "cement" and "north america" -- only one hit!


   ...Lafarge Ecosystems, a subsidiary of Lafarge Cement Company...

That sounds _so_ familiar -- so, search with "mercury" this time:


   Lafarge has recently begun using hazardous waste to supplement
   the fuel in their kilns.  The plant has been in consistent 
   violation of a Consent Agreement with the Michigan Department 
   of Natural Resources/Department of Environmental Quality,
   because the effluent from their kilns contains more hydrogen
   chloride than the Agreement allows. The plant has also been 
   frequently cited for many other violations of environmental regulations.

Search _any_ word with "LaFarge" and the first result is revealing:


   ...four Lafarge plants ? received the third annual Cement Industry
   Environment and Energy Awards from the Portland Cement Association
   (PCA) and Cement Americas in April, the Alpena plant was given top
   honors for Overall Environmental Excellence, as well as Runner Up
   mentions in the Environmental Performance and Land Stewardship 

   ...the Alpena plant initiatives reflect Lafarge's worldwide
   commitment to environmental stewardship.

Well, that trail goes on for hours!  So, back to Mombasa:


   Formerly known as Bamburi Nature Trail until 1999, Haller Park
   is a unique ecological restored quarry situated on the North
   Coast of Mombasa along the Mombasa Malindi road, next to the 
   Bamburi Cement factory

Hehe:  "...Bamburi Nature Trail... next to the Bamburi Cement factory."


   The vision of Lafarge Eco Systems is to create paradise from
   wastelands.  We invented the wheel when it comes to rehabilitation
   of quarries in Kenya. We have been taking exhausted, barren
   limestone quarries, and turning them into premier attractions for
   over three decades.

   Lafarge is committed to environmental and social responsibility.
   Central to its success in the cement business, is an unequivocal
   understanding that Lafarge's capacity to repair the damage caused
   by its mining activities is its license to operate.  Lafarge cannot
   turn its neighbours against it, it cannot soil its own nests, for
   then Lafarge would have no future.

Seriously... I couldn't make this stuff up!


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