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RE: E-M:/ Disappearing pollinators

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The disappearance of so many native bees is a huge concern but many native 
bees (and insects) are excellent pollinators if they have cover and food, 
often not available in monocropped fields and "weed" free roadside ditches 
and long gone farm lanes and hedge rows.
MSU is conducting research to encourage the planting of strips of native 
plants in or near farm fields to encourage beneficial insect predators and 
plant/crop pollinators To see some of the research you can go to: 

There is also concern here and world wide about the disappearance of native 
pollinators and the need to preserve the plants and the pollinators that 
pollinate them. These ecological relationships are only now being understood

and fully valued. In many cases to save plants you need to save the 
For more information:
The Xerces society
also regarding farm pollinators from the xerces organization:

Two excellent books:
"The Forgotten Pollinators" by Stephen L. Buchmann and Gary Paul Nabhan
"Pollinator Conservation Handbook" by the Xerces Society

Kathy Melmoth

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