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Re: E-M:/ RE: / Michigan's Nuclear Question

Captain Salty,
You are quite wrong, you know, that we cannot do anything about the increasing consumption of elect energy and hence should use nuclear power. 
The increased use of nuclear power will put onto our children and grandchildren the cost and task of dealing with the nuclear wastes.  A lot like flushing the toilet.  Too often, we seem to not see the dimension of the problem "down the road" hence, it must not be very important.  I suspect that you are not old enough to remember how the US public dealt with rationing stamps during WWII and some other examples that could be listed.  Collectively when we and our leaders see a common enemy we can do great things.  Sort of reminds me of the discussions in the late 60s when folks were saying we couldn't do much about  recycling.
The challenge is to get the public to recognize a "common enemy".  Sad this administration hasn't yet figured out how to PR this one or even that they need to.
Take a look at what the private energy sector has done in the last couple of days in Texas.  At least they got the coal issue pegged.
We really need to use the simple strategies that Anne pointed out first, but then the public often has to see a train wreck at their back fence before getting excited.  Al Gore is trying to get folks excited and he is only addressing part of the issue with global warming.