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Re: E-M:/ MSU Profs Pimping for the CAFOS....

What benefits (would MSU say) outweigh these costs?  Certainly no benefits at all to neighbors, to soils, to air, to water.

Living near Vreba-Hoff CAFO, Hudson, MI -- the catastrophe continues -- with 16 new violations cited by DEQ since January, including 5 unlawful discharges to Bean Creek Watershed. For months, we've seen continuing, multiple, repeated violations, discharges from the production areas, discharges from field application, carelessness with waste, carelessness with fuel, stench and emissions from liquid manure spray-irrigation (no crop in sight). Many lagoons at the facilities are over-full, leachate pits have repeatedly overflowed.
This month, liquid waste is being applied on saturated ground. Roads are ripped, rutted, as tankers haul excess waste to a "satellite" lagoon, hastily-dug in December between two wetlands. Manure spilled in "careless transfer" from a tanker to the "satellite" pit has already discharged to the wetlands, which connect to Bean Creek.

Below is a list of Vreba-Hoff violations Jan-March, with details from DEQ documents.

-Janet Kauffman

(See the full list of 219 violations from all 12 CAFOs in our area at:  www.nocafos.org/violations.htm)

March 2007 - Vreba-Hoff cited for an unlawful dry weather discharge on March 14, with contaminated stormwater and leachate overflowing on east side at Dillon Hwy facility to wetlands to Durfee Creek. Freeboard violation noted on March 15.
DEQ Post Inspection Reports (March 16 and March 20, 2007)

February-March 2007 - Vreba-Hoff cited for at least 13 violations on Feb 26, March 1, March 5, and March 7, including 4 unlawful discharges, 3 at the Dillon Hwy facility: overflow of leachate "caused by someone pushing out the bermed area to the east of the bunker so that leachate could flow out"; overflow of leachate to the south to wetlands connecting to Durfee Creek; and "careless transfer of waste to the satellite storage" on Packard Rd causing a spill discharging to wetlands connecting to Bean Creek. The fuel tank at that location had no secondary storage and spilled fuel was noted during inspection. At the US-127 facility, a leachate structure was flooding into the feed bunker area which was overflowing into the stormwater conveyance. "It appeared that no abatement of this discharge had been attempted."
DEQ Notice Letter (March 14, 2007)

January 2007 - Vreba-Hoff cited for Jan. 10 unlawful discharge of waste to Durfee Creek, after spray-irrigation to fields.
DEQ Post Inspection Report (January 19, 2007)