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E-M:/ RE: / Governor's executive order - failure of the legislature to enact tax reform

The impact will be more sewage in Michigan lakes and streams – and more closed beaches.


The cause is the failure by the Senate to consider tax reform that gives state government enough money to provide basic services to its citizens.


On a party line vote yesterday the Senate rejected a portion of the tax reform proposed by the Governor (2% fee on services).


So instead, they cut another $40 million from local units of government, who then don’t have enough money for basic services like police protection, fire protection and basic sewer infrastructure.


Because of the $1.6 million dollar cut, we will lose an additional $6.0 million the federal government would have given us to keep the Great Lakes clean.


For more information about Michigan’s tax rates and efforts to reform it, people can go to:




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Hi, the governor's executive order to cut the state budget whacked the water pollution control and drinking water revolving fund to the tune of $1.6 million.

Does anyone know what services this fund provides, and what kind of impact will this cut have?