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E-M:/ March 31st Detroit Audubon Society Annual Conference at the Zoo

Dear Friends of Birds,
This year's Detroit Audubon Society Annual Conference covers a topic that is very dear to many of us:  the safety of birds.  Especially during migration, birds face a number of dangers, including the ominous "Birds versus Glass and Cell Towers" (the glass & towers usually win).  The conference speakers will highlight some of the main hazards and provide some solutions to these problems.
Dr. Daniel Klem, from Muhlenberg College, will present his findings from 30 years of research on the challenges birds encounter with glass windows and nighttime building lights.  Dr. Joelle Gehring, from Central Michigan University, will report on her research on bird collisions with cell towers.  I have seen both presentations and found them to be very interesting as well as informative.
The conference will be held at the Detroit Zoo on Saturday, March 31st (YES, THAT'S A WEEK FROM SATURDAY!!) from 9:00 a.m. to 12 Noon.  PLUS!!!  An optional pre-conference program and coffee at the Butterfly House at 7:00 a.m.  A bird safety window decal for every adult - with more available for purchase.  A separate zoo program for childen ages 5 and up (this is really fun for the kids!!).  AND a silent auction and our bookstore as well. 
We would love to see you there!!  To reserve your place call Beverly at the DAS office at  248-545-2929 (she will return your call if you leave a message) or by email to detas@bignet.net.  For more information visit our website at www.detroitaudubon.org.  Due to Zoo security policy, your name must show up on the list for admittance to the zoo.  
Rochelle Breitenbach
Detroit Audubon Society

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