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E-M:/ Michigan Environmental Council Capitol Update 3-23-07

The legislature continues to ignore the needs of Michigan’s communities by failing to address the issue of tax reform.  Instead, the Senate this week continued to cut critical state programs and shift the burden onto local units of governments and force cuts to basic services such as police protection, fire protection, and health care.


The “rhetoric” on taxes continues to be without factual basis.  The truth is that failure to address tax reform is leading to a “disinvestment” in Michigan’s future and will have potential new employers looking elsewhere to locate their businesses.


Michigan’s reputation as a place as a quality place to live and raise a family is quickly being eroded by the legislature’s failure to address how Michigan’s economy has changed and enacting a new taxation system that reflects those changes. 


If we do not invest in our communities and protecting our natural resources, Michigan will continue to lag behind other states.   However, that will take leadership from our legislative leaders to have an honest debate on this issue and do what’s right for our future.  







SB 69 – A bill to provide for tax increment financing for neighborhood improvement authorities.


On the floor:


In Committee:




Community Health Department will meet on Wednesday (3/28) at 1:00 pm to take up:


Financial Audit of the Department of Community Health FY 2003-04 and FY 2004-05


Performance Audit of the Biennial Internal Control Evaluation


Standing Committees:


Natural Resources and Environmental Affairs is expected to meet on Wednesday (3/28) at 1:00 p.m. for presentations on the proposed Great Lakes compacts and to take up legislation limiting phosphorus from detergents (SB 152 and SB 362).


Transportation will meet on Tuesday (3/27) at 1:00 pm to take up:


SB 59 – Tasks the Governor with appointing a task force to review alternative transportation funding options and evaluate the potential of replacing the 19-cent gas tax. 


SB 79 – Eliminates the requirement that vehicle owners sign their registration certificate.


SB 117 – Reestablishes speed limits on dirt and gravel roads.


Presentation by MDOT


Presentation by Wayne County Economic Development Department






HB 4323 - Allow local jurisdictions to allow for the operation of off-road vehicles on road shoulders, including provisions regarding liability and funding for enforcement and environmental remediation.

HB 4407 – Allow the use of raised platforms when hunting fox or coyote.

On the floor:


In Committee:



Appropriations will meet on Tuesday (3/27) and Wednesday (3/28) at 9:00 am to take up:

1. Consideration of Supplemental Appropriations 2006-2007
2. 2007-08 Budget
3. Any and all matters properly before the Committee


Transportation will meet on Monday (3/26) at 9:00 am at Wayne State University for presentations by representatives of SE Michigan transportation programs DDOT, SMART, RTCC, DTC, SEMCOG, and Detroit Wayne County Port Authority.


Environmental Quality is expected to meet on Wednesday at 10:30 to continue public testimony on the budget for next year.


Standing Committees:


Agriculture will meet on Wednesday (3/28) at 2:30 pm or after session for presentations by: 


Michigan Allied Poultry Industries-George House, Executive Director

Michigan Sierra Club-Gayle Miller, Legislative Director

Michigan Pork Producers Association-Sam Hines, State Executive

Michigan Farm Bureau-Tonia Ritter, Legislative Counsel

Michigan Environmental Council-James Clift, Policy Director


Great Lakes and Environment will meet on Wednesday (3/28) at 12:00 pm to take up:


HB 4047 – Creates a moratorium on construction of new landfills and limits on expansions of existing landfills.


HB 4485 – Allows for inspections of solid waste facilities.


HB 4486 – Regulates the development of solid waste management plans.


Tourism, Outdoor Recreation and Natural Resources will meet on Tuesday (3/27) at 10:30 am for:


Presentation by Representative Ebli on the formation of the Tourism Promotion Subcommittee


Presentation by the Michigan International Speedway


Transportation will meet on Thursday (3/29) at 10:00 am for:


Presentation by Clark Harder, Michigan Transit Association


Presentation by Rich Studley, Michigan Chamber of Commerce


Presentation by the Michigan Construction Trade Unions


Transportation: Public Transit will meet on Wednesday (3/28) at 2:30 pm or after session for:


Presentation by Jackie Shinn, Michigan Department of Transportation


Presentation by Clark Harder, Michigan Transit Association



Submitted by:

James Clift
Kate Madigan
Michigan Environmental Council
119 Pere Marquette, Ste 2A
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