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Re: E-M:/ Bush/Automakers: US Needs Clean Cars, Not Auto Industry Gimmicks

More b.s. from the Bushies. What a shocking development.

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For Immediate Release
March 26, 2007

David Willett, 202-675-6698

US Needs Clean Cars, Not Auto Industry Gimmicks To Stop Global Warming and
                               Oil Addiction

Washington, DC: The Sierra Club issued the following statement from Dan
Becker, Director, Global Warming and Energy Program, in response to
President Bush's meeting with U.S. Automakers at the White House this

"It is time for automakers to get off their tailpipe and get into gear to
do their fair share to curb global warming and our oil addiction.  Once
again President Bush has invited the US automakers to the White House, and
once again both the President and the auto industry are failing to provide
consumers with real solutions to global warming, oil dependence and high
gas prices.

"Making our cars and light trucks go farther on a gallon of gas is the
single biggest step we can take toward saving American families money at
the pump, ending our dangerous addiction to oil, and curbing global
warming.  At the State of the Union announcement this year, President Bush
announced a plan to increase fuel economy standards by 4% a year.   But the
President's commitment is only as good as the will to implement it.
Unfortunately, today we saw the same tired gimmicks from the auto industry.

"Despite the auto industry's public relations hype about 'flex-fuel
vehicles' (FFVs), 99 percent of the time these vehicles run exclusively on
gasoline, according to a Bush Administration report. That's because only a
few hundred of the nation's 176,000 gas stations serve E 85.  In fact,
Department of Energy data indicates that nationwide, there is only 4.5
gallons of E 85 for each FFV on the road.  Since they can't fill up on E
85, FFV owners end up running their vehicles on gasoline, even though
automakers receive fuel economy credits for producing the vehicles under
the assumption that they operate 50 percent of the time on ethanol.  The
Administration's report stated that use of these credits by automakers
results in 17 billion extra gallons of gasoline wasted over a fiver year

"It is time for automakers to build cars, trucks, and SUVs that go farther
on a gallon of gas. They need to shift from 'reverse' to 'forward' by
putting more efficient vehicles on the road.  If they do, we'll all breathe
easier.  If they don't, American auto makers are likely to fall further
behind their foreign competition.

"In January the President proposed increasing CAFE standards at a rate of
4% per year.   Nothing presented by the U.S. automakers gets us to that
goal, but a bill recently introduced by Reps.  Ed Markey (D-MA) and Todd
Platts (R-PA) does just that. This bill will not only save consumers money
and help us fight global warming, but it will also help us break our
addiction to oil. Within 15 years, this bill will save us as much oil as we
now import from the Persian Gulf. Making cars go further on each gallon of
gas is like drilling for oil under Detroit instead of our sensitive coasts
and lands. Raising fuel economy standards is the cleanest, cheapest, and
safest way for America to reduce its dependence on oil.

"The U.S. Automakers need to take the technology gathering dust on
Detroit's shelves and put it to work to help America tackle some of its
most urgent problems. Requiring the American auto industry to make more
fuel-efficient vehicles is auto mechanics, not rocket science. It will
force them to compete with foreign automakers like Honda and Toyota who
have used hybrids and other efficient vehicles to remake their brands and
cruise to record profits while the Big Three teeter on the brink of


David Willett
National Press Secretary
Sierra Club
(202) 675-6698 (w)
(202) 491-6919 (m)

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