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E-M:/ No such thing as 'clean coal'

Our Michigan is a big, fat target for big utility companies who want several new coal plants.  They are being sold to the public as needed for energy and jobs and seem to have support from Governor Granholm.  But there is not such thing as clean coal.  The technology touted as eliminating pollution from emissions in unproven and well into the future. And in 2002 the Bush administration redefined the Clean Water Act to allow coal mining companies to dump fill material, including mining waste, into streams and rivers.  More than 1,200 miles of Appalachian streams have been  buried and destroyed by mountaintop removal.  Mountaintop removal has destroyed roughly one million acres of Appalachia's mountains.  That's the ecological disaster that Michigan's coal-dependent energy is built upon. 

So when our governor and her utility friends start selling us on new 'clean coal' plants don't believe it.