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E-M:/ Bush Order Revokes TRI Reporting for Fed Facilities

Title: Bush Order Revokes TRI Reporting for Fed Facilities
"Bush's new order may exempt all federal facilities from reporting to TRI in the future? In 2004, the most recent year of TRI data, 313 federal facilities reported 90 million pounds of toxic chemicals released to the air, water and land?"
Risk Policy Report
March 27, 2007

Bush Order Revokes Clinton TRI Requirements For Federal Facilities
A recent executive order signed by President Bush revokes Clinton-era measures requiring federal facilities to report their pollution releases to EPA's Toxic Release Inventory (TRI), which the agency uses for a slew of regulatory decisions governing water quality, emissions and other regulatory requirements.
While the White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) is drafting guidance that a spokeswoman says will continue to require federal facilities to report TRI releases, environmentalists are concerned that it could further diminish TRI data after EPA issued a controversial regulation last December that scales back industry's reporting requirements.
Environmentalists say that if the upcoming CEQ guidance does not clarify that federal facilities must still report to TRI, they will call on Democratic lawmakers to mandate federal facility TRI reporting in pending legislation seeking to block EPA's new regulation from taking effect.
Rep. Frank Pallone (D-NJ), one of the sponsors of the pending legislation, told reporters March 22 that Democrats may seek to attach the TRI legislation to must-pass appropriations legislation later this year. Last year, the House approved similar legislation as an amendment to the fiscal year 2007 Interior and Environment Appropriations bill.