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E-M:/ MI Dems to end energy competition?

Tim Skubick is reporting in MIRS that House Speaker Andy Dillon will hold a news conference today to announce a proposal to address the state's budget mess.  Skubick reported that Dillon is considering a deal "under which the state would increase taxes on utilities in exchange for rescinding, or significantly changing PA 141, a law that provides for more competition in the state's energy market".

Surprise!  The utilities, which are proposing new dirty coal and nuclear plants for Michigan, reacted favorably: "Detroit Edison and Consumers Energy say they're interested in the repeal of P.A. 141 and developing what one source suggested was a "new regulatory blueprint" for the industry.

So as America reaches a consensus that global warming is real--a consensus that threatens to include the Republican Party--we in Michigan want to pave the way for more dirty old coal plants and dangerous nuclear plants by rewriting the rules for big utilities? New rules that might make it easier to construct coal and nukes, reduce competition and make Big Utility even bigger, and potentially make it harder for the state to invest in energy efficiencies and renewable energy?  Hmmm.  Say it isn't so Andy!  Say this is really a new utility plan that will rewrite the utility rules so we stop rewarding power companies for selling more energy that's warming our planet and instead adopt a 21st Century system that rewards conservation, efficiency and clean energy that isn't killing us. 

We are waiting, Andy, to see just what the House Dems have wrought. It's spring. Hope still reigns.