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E-M:/ Michigan Environmental Council 4-2-07

The Senate is on break for the next two weeks.  Speaker Dillon announced that the House would remain in session to deal with the issues regarding the current budget crisis.




On the floor:


SB 152 – Limits the use of phosphorus in dishwashing detergents.


SB 362 – Limits the use of phosphorus in detergents for household clothes washers.


SB 59 – Tasks the Governor with appointing a task force to review alternative transportation funding options and evaluate the potential of replacing the 19-cent gas tax. 


SB 79 – Eliminates the requirement that vehicle owners sign their registration certificate.


In Committee:






In Committee:



Agriculture will meet on Wednesday (4/4) at 9:00 am for a presentation by the Michigan Department of Agriculture Executive Recommendation for the FY 2007-08 budget


Community Health will meet on Wednesday (4/4) at 10:30 am for decision making for the FY 2007-08 budget.


Environmental Quality will meet on Wednesday (4/4) at 1:00 pm for more public testimony on the DEQ budget bill (HB 4358).




Submitted by:

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Kate Madigan
Michigan Environmental Council
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