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E-M:/ MERA Legislative Plan Begins Trek at Capitol

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Dear Environmental Activist,

If you care about restoring confidence in fair elections in Michigan, now is the time to come to the aid of democracy.
The Michigan Election Reform Alliance has spent many months crafting a comprehensive approach to election integrity reforms in Michigan and the plan is now beginning its trek through the legislature.

Prospects for passage in the State House are good, but not guaranteed. The State Senate looks to be a more difficult process. We need people to help with the lobbying effort in both cases, and we especially need to find constituents of key Senators, including ones who share their Senators party affiliation. Here are the key legislators and committees:

Senate Committee - Campaign & Election Oversight

Michelle McManus (C)(R) 35th District
Cameron Brown (VC)(R) 16th District
Mark C. Jansen (R) 28th District
Gilda Z. Jacobs (MVC)(D) 14th District
Mark Schauer (D) 19th District

House Committee - Ethics and Elections

Marc R. Corriveau (D), Committee Chair, 20th District
Ed Clemente (D), Majority Vice-Chair, 14th District
Steve Bieda (D), 25th District
Marie Donigan (D), 26th District
Ted Hammon (D), 50th District
Tom Pearce (R), Minority Vice-Chair, 73rd District
Chris Ward (R), 66th District
Lorence Wenke (R), 63rd District


Sen. Randy Richardville (R), 17th District
Sen. Roger Kahn (R), 32nd District

If you would like to help out and especially if you are a constituent of one of these lawmakers, please contact MERA Statewide Coordinator Jan Bendor: jan@bendor.org 734-484-1744.

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