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E-M:/ EPA Action on Waiver Shows Immediate Supreme Court Impact

Enviro-Mich message from "Anne Woiwode" <Anne.Woiwode@sierraclub.org>

A note on the Big 3 response to this decision:  on public radio, the
reaction of the automakers to this court decision was reportedly that
addressing carbon dioxide emissions could ONLY be done through increased
fuel efficiency.  Bingo -- give the gentlemen a cigar!  What a horrifying
concept -- not only might we assure that vehicles are contributing less of
the emissions that are putting our only planet on a collision course with
the human survival, but by golly we might force people to start saving money
on gasoline and other vehicle fuels!  This is such a stunningly outrageous
concept that a Bush Supreme Court actually supported such controls.  What's
next: stopping contamination of food, or making our beaches safe to swim

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                   EPA Action on California Waiver Shows
                Immediate Impact of Supreme Court Decision

The Environmental Protection Agency has announced that it will soon begin
the process to review the Clean Air Act waiver California needs to proceed
with its global warming emissions standards for vehicles.

 Statement of Dan Becker, Director of Sierra Club's Global Warming Program

"Less than a week after the Supreme Court's historic decision in
Massachusetts v. EPA, we are already seeing tangible results.  The High
Court's clear and unambiguous decision put the Bush administration on
notice that it could no longer put politics ahead of science and the law at
EPA.  The ruling also waived the green flag for states to proceed with
their own global warming initiatives.

"It's unfortunate that it took a Supreme Court case, but it's very exciting
that one of the last major hurdles standing in the way of the important
efforts of California and 13 other states is closer to being removed.  Now
it is up to EPA to grant the waiver and let the states move forward with
their landmark global warming standards for vehicles.

"The other major obstacles to the implementation of this important global
warming initiative are baseless lawsuits brought by the auto industry.  The
Supreme Court left EPA without a leg to stand on and has knocked the wheels
off the auto industry's arguments.  Instead of using lawsuits to halt the
efforts of states to protect their citizens and the environment, it's time
for the automakers to get off their tailpipes and put the technology
gathering dust on Detroit's shelves to work in order to solve some of
America's most pressing problems."

EPA has granted over 40 such requests in the past three decades, never once
denying one.  In addition to California, these state clean car standards
have been, or soon will be, adopted by an additional 13 states.  The
standards are due to go into effect in model year 2009, reducing global
warming emissions from new cars and light trucks 30 percent by model year
2016.  These states represent nearly 40 percent of the US auto market.  A
Gallup poll released today shows that an overwhelming 79 percent of
Americans support both stricter emissions standards for automobiles and
mandatory controls on global warming pollution.


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