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E-M:/ Sierra Club Executive Director Carl Pope's testimony in Congress on Global Warming

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        Carl Pope Addresses New Congressional Global Warming Panel
                 Sierra Club Executive Director Discusses
           Global Warming, Oil Dependence and National Security

At the invitation of Chairman Ed Markey, Carl Pope today addressed the
first hearing of the recently-created House Select Committee on Energy
Independence and Global Warming.  Pope joined a distinguished panel of
security experts who addressed the threats to national security presented
by global warming and our dangerous dependence on oil.  Pope also outlined
the solutions available to us today and urged Congress to act on raising
fuel economy, mandating a federal Renewable Electricity Standard, and
imposing an economy-wide carbon cap that will lead to an 80 percent
reduction in global warming emissions by 2050.

The full text of Pope's testimony can be found at:

Selections appear below:

On the purpose of the new committee and the need for Congress to act:
"It is an honor to appear before you today, to address one of the most
important challenges facing our nation and the world; how to prevent global
warming and climate change from devastating the future. I believe that the
work of this Select Committee has the potential to go down as the moment
when the federal government pivoted from laggard to leadership on the issue
of global warming.

"America has already pivoted. More state, local and grass-roots leadership
is being demonstrated on a smart and secure energy future than I have seen
on any environmental question since the early 1970's. But Washington has
not caught up, either with the need or with the American people--that is
your challenge."

On Oil dependence and the Iraq War:
"Today's hearing addresses the national security implications of global
warming. Lincoln said that slavery 'somehow' caused the Civil War. In our
hearts, we all know that our addiction to oil is 'somehow' responsible for
the War in Iraq."

On the clear need for action:
"Even the US Supreme Court now recognizes that global warming is a reality
that must be confronted. The science is clear that we are causing global
warming. Human activity is responsible for the earth's rising temperature."

On the potential of global warming to spark conflict:
"Climate change and disruption will put pressure on populations with scarce
resources, creating competition for those resources and sparking conflict.
At the same time, decreasing crop yields, drought, rising sea levels and
other climate impacts will create new refugee populations, further
destabilizing already vulnerable regions. Over 200 million people live in
coastal cities and low-lying countries which would be affected by rising
sea levels."

On the solutions we must pursue:
"We can address global warming and cut America's oil dependence by
increasing the fuel economy of American vehicles, expanding energy
efficiency, investing in renewable energy and clean, renewable fuels, and
by setting a national cap on global warming emissions."

On the role of coal:
"If coal is used to generate electricity, and the carbon emissions from the
power plant are captured and sequestered, then indeed by being used in a
fleet of plug-in hybrids America's coal reserves--if responsibly mined and
cleanly burned--can become part of the solution to both global warming and
oil imports. But not by being turned into coal liquids."

"Without mandatory and effective carbon capture and storage from day one at
liquid coal plants, the technology is a global warming nightmare."

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