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Re: E-M:/ Toxic waste and race

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The path of least resistance on the issue of PCB waste in 
Kalamazoo probably leads down I-94 to the East to Bill Tobler's
neighborhood to Wayne Disposal, EQ or whatever they 
are calling it these days....squeezed between I-94 and Willow Run 
airport near Ypsilanti.....the final resting place for PCB waste from 
all around the several of the Midwest states.

If you're from the South, the analogous facility is operated in 
Aniston, Alabama

So, "dodging a bullet" will ultimately mean someone else takes it elsewhere
since our national superfund laws do not require the detoxicification of cleanup 
wastes in the same manner as regularly generated hazardous wastes.

At 01:43 PM 04/26/2007, you wrote:
>Enviro-Mich message from Gary Stock <gstock@net-link.net>
>Kathryn Savoie wrote:
>> Ninety percent of states with facilities have disproportionately 
>> high percentages of people of color living in host neighborhoods.
>> States with the 10 largest differences in people-of-color 
>> percentages between host neighborhoods and non-host areas include.
>> --Michigan (66 vs. 19 percent)
>> Differences in these percentages range from 30 percent (California)
>> to 47 percent (Michigan).  Host neighborhoods are typically 
>> economically depressed, with poverty rates 1.5 times that of 
>> non-host communities.
>Clearly this "...at Twenty" report follows the model established in
>1987, which is useful.  However, the data is nearly as damning when the
>focus is on socioeconomic status, rather than on race (the correlation
>between the two often being evident).
>We've just dodged a bullet in Kalamazoo -- one that might have landed
>more clearly in the income column than in the race column.  EPA had
>planned to bring large quantities of PCB-laced dredging spoils into an
>area with many moderate to marginal income households.  With great
>leadership from City Hall and the neighborhood itself, EPA has backed
>away from those particulars.
>The area still has hopeful "hometown" characteristics; various slices of
>it contain healthy commercial, with local businesses and offices, and
>even some new construction.  Racial diversity seems healthy, with many
>non-white and some mixed-race couples, along with many elderly (usually
>Dutch :-) residents there since the original 1950's era plats.  (I
>notice these details since I walk near my own office there frequently.) 
>However, nobody _rich_ lives nearby...
>I'm just encouraging activists to keep in mind that income and political
>status (or the corresponding lack thereof) can be as relevant in this
>debate as any racial component.  From the report:
>   http://www.snre.umich.edu/news/newsdocs/Toxic%20Wastes%20and%20Race%20at%20Twenty%20Rpt%20(2).pdf
>Table 3.1 (p. 43) is instructive.  As one moves away from HWF, "Percent
>People of Color" falls -- far more abruptly among Hispanics than among
>African Americans!  
>However, "Poverty Rate" falls _nearly_ as quickly.  I suppose that
>discussion of wealth might invite accusations of "class warfare
>rhetoric," whereas discussion of race is (for some) more easily filed
>among other reports and clippings, day to day.
>Just don't overlook this element when responding to a proposed hazardous
>waste site in a poor (but overwhelmingly white) rural area, or small
>town.  That statistics are still reliable, and can be powerful.
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