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Re: E-M:/ Toxic waste and race

Muskegon County has a hypocritical history.  In the Muskegon area several contaminated areas are being cleaned up in or close to minority populations.  That is good.  However, north 20-miles there has been progress to clean up White Lake at the same time promoting a deliberate efforts to close off White Lake to blacks, working class, and 'Public Trust' by destroying historical lake access points and putting up RR-post and boulders in place to keep blacks away from 'their' whitey-White Lake.  A cleaner White Lake and cleaner lakefront properties are now too valuable to allow minorities and 'Public Trust' access near their rich condo and lakefront homes.  This is being done by the top Muskegon County political party boss machine with support of the local area White Lake environmental and area associations.

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