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E-M:/ Lafarge emissions below permit limit

The link below is from today's Alpena News. The Lafarge spin doctors are at it again. They are lying through their teeth on the mercury they are emitting as being protective of the human health and environment of northeast Michigan. First and foremost the 570 pounds of mercury per year that was awarded to them would only have been a safe limit if the most dangerous and toxic form of mercury (chlorinated mercury vapor ) was 30% of that mercury. What the MDEQ toxicologists have found through speciation testing is that 96% of the three mercuries that Lafarge emits is CHLORINATED MERCURY VAPOR. In order for Lafarge to be able to claim that their emissions were protective of human health and the environment they would have to emit less than 172 pounds of mercury. No matter how much their PR people lie, smile and spin their story they are not protecting us and as far as using the title of " STEWARDS OF OUR ENVIRONMENT' false advertising comes to mind. Even the 360 pounds they say they are supposedly now emitting is not safe and words can not make it so. The MDEQ has held the speciation data from us even though it was a Freedom of Information request as a trade secret and or attorney-client privileged information. Is the MDEQ the attorney or client or who works for who? It is certainly not the people.
If Lafarge truly wanted to be a good neighbor stop using the Canadian fly ash immediately and install stack scrubbers or electronic precipitators. It would cut down their emissions 95% and the latter would be an environmental tax deduction.
Bill Freese, Director
Huron Environmental Activist League