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E-M:/ First the bees and then the whales? Pacific whale decline 'a mystery'...

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Pacific Whale Decline "a Mystery"
    By Richard Black
    BBC News UK

    Monday 30 April 2007

    Grey whales in the eastern Pacific appear to be in some trouble, with the cause far from clear, scientists say.

    Researchers with the conservation group Earthwatch found that whales are arriving in their breeding grounds off the Mexican coast malnourished.

    The same thing happened just after the 1997/8 El Nino event, which warmed the waters and depleted food stocks.

    Scientists are not sure whether the current decline is climate related or part of a natural predator-prey cycle.

    "We're not really sure what is going on now," said William Megill, a member of the Earthwatch team who also holds posts at Bath University in the UK and the University of British Columbia in Canada.



I wonder if we are seeing the end of civilization... I had all the luck of being born in the early 60's.

Too many 'mysteries' for my tastes...
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