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The article quotes Mr. Pathy ("We need the federal government to say, 'Here's the law, here's the standard.'")--this is the precise reason that Michigan is left with no recourse but to pursue its own remedy.  
Mark Coscarelli

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Terrorist, foreign and domestic, that want to inflict harm on America will target economic as well as human targets.  It is sad that the shipping industry, maritime lobby, the GW Bush administration, and even some of our state legislators fighting the Michigan ballast protections are aiding the terrorist.  Fish diseases, zebra mussel veligers, and hundreds of 'exotic weapons' we don't yet know about can easily be transported within the ballast tanks.  A truck tanker of explosives (human lives) and a ship tanker of ballast water (environmental economics) are both weapons of mass destruction to terrorist operatives.
Tom Hamilton
GRAND RAPIDS -- State environmental leaders say they cannot fathom why the shipping industry is fighting a new state law meant to protect the Great Lakes from invasive species carried by ocean-going vessels.

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