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Re: E-M:/ 2003 Report links Bayer pesticide to bee deaths

Enviro-Mich message from Gary Stock <gstock@net-link.net>

One of the peculiar benefits of compulsively reading every post and
nearly every remotely relevant link...

Last week, in researching the bee issue, I noticed mention specifically
of "Gaucho" in a 2003 report from France.  Then, this morning, buried in
the middle of the Wiki block I noticed:

RC wrote:

> From Wikipedia:
>  The most widely used applications for imidacloprid in California
>  are pest control in structures, turf pest control, grape growing,
>  and head and leaf lettuce growing. Other widespread crop uses are
>  rice, grains/cereals including corn (maize), potatoes,
>  vegetables, sugar beets, fruit, cotton, and hops. Target insects
>  include sucking insects (e.g. aphids, whiteflies, leafhoppers and
>  planthoppers , thrips, scales, mealybugs, bugs, psyllids, and
>  phylloxera), beetles (e.g. leaf beetles, Colorado potato beetles,
>  rice water-weevils, wireworms, grubs, and flea beetles), and
>  others (e.g. lepidopterous leaf?miners, some diptera, termites,
>  locusts, and fleas).
>  When used for seed treatments, it is sold under the trade names

* * *
>  Akteur, Amigo, Baytan Secur, Chinook, El Hombre, Escocet, Gaucho,
>  Gaucho Blé, Gaucho CS, Gaucho Maícero, Gaucho MZ, Gaucho Orge,
>  Gaucho Primo, Gaucho T, Gaucho MT, Gaucho XT, Genesis, Faibel,
* * *

>  Ferial Blé, Férial Orge, Imprimo, Manta Plus, Monceren Extra,
>  Monceren G, Monceren GT, Montur, Prestige, Prestige M, Raxil
>  Secur, Seed-one, Sibutol Secur, Yunta and Zorro FS 236.
>  When used on citrus, coffee, cotton, fruits, grapes, potatoes,
>  rice, soybeans, sugarcane, tobacco and vegetables as a insecticde
>  spray, it is sold under the trade names Admire, Confidor,
>  Connect, Evidence, Leverage, Muralla, Provado and Trimax.
>  It is marketed as Premise for termite control and Advantage in
>  the US and Europe for flea control on pets. It is also sold under
>  the trade names Merit, Admire, Confidor and Winner, as well as
>  Hachikusan (in Japan).

Plenty of details available, including about Imidacloprid:


   Millions of bees dead - Bayer's Gaucho blamed

   A French governmental report confirms suspicions of a mass
   poisoning of bees involving hundreds of thousands of colonies
   of honey bees. According to the report of the French Scientific
   and Technical Committee, Bayer's seed treatment GAUCHO pesticide
   is to blame - at least in part...

Looks as though Coalition against Bayer Dangers is on the job:



Over 165,000 references to this strange combo:


One of the peculiar benefits of thinking in Googlewhack terms  :-)


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