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FW: E-M:/ Source of biomass energy in Consumers' Energy "Green Generation" program

We need to help by spurring the demand for greener power. Everyone on this list should seriously consider signing up for their utility’s ‘green power” program. I continue to hear from the few folks I know on the utility side that they see no demand from consumers, so they are less willing to invest in greener sources.


I’m not tackling here the many other issues involved with policy development and levels of greenness. Consumers can help shift markets by how we spend and invest… consider it another form of democracy in the marketplace… Every dollar we spend or invest is a vote for what we believe in….


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From an old Consumers press release:

To support the Green Generation program, Consumers Energy has entered into electricity supply contracts with seven new independent renewable energy projects.  Approximately 75 percent of the electric energy from the new projects will come from wind generation, including the Noble Environmental Power wind farm under construction in Michigan's Huron County.  The remaining 25 percent of energy for the program is from landfill gas facilities.  All of the projects are located in Michigan's Lower Peninsula.
>From another:

      MARSHALL, Mich., March 5, 2007 – A new renewable energy facility has begun producing electricity in Michigan, marking another milestone in Consumers Energy’s Green Generation program.

      Gas Recovery Systems (GRS), part of the Fortistar Renewables Group of Lockport, New York, developed and brought on-line a landfill gas facility located near the C&C Landfill in Convis Township, north of Marshall.  The facility can produce 2.5 megawatts of electricity.  It works by capturing methane gas naturally produced during the decomposition process and then using it to generate electricity.  GRS also has a separate landfill gas facility at the same site that began selling electricity to Consumers Energy in 1995.  That facility can generate 2.7 megawatts of electricity.

The GRS facility joins other new landfill gas renewable energy facilities supporting the Green Generation program.  Those facilities are located near Lennon, Whitehall and Zeeland.  In addition, Consumers Energy purchases electricity which is generated by two wind turbines located near Mackinaw City for the program. Consumers Energy also has entered into contracts with other wind-generation projects that are in various stages of development.  All of the projects are located in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula.