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E-M:/ Extremist Senator from Oklahoma Blocks Rachel Carson Commemorative

Extremist Senator from Oklahoma Blocks Rachel Carson Commemorative


On the evening Michigan public radio news the other night there was
mention of a student produced media about an early MSU researcher on


The story of ornithologist Dr. George Wallace of MSU and all of the heat
he took for talking about the effect of DDT on birds.   As I recall, part of
this story involved destruction of 15000 cooperative extension
service publications that warned about DDT effects.   The feature talks about
how John Dingell had to lean on MSU to keep this researcher from being
fired for testifying to Congress.


Dying to Be Heard

Sunday, May 27, 8:00pm

Michigan State's Knight Center for Environmental Journalism students produced this look at MSU's Dr. George J. Wallace's 1950s-era research on the dangers of DDT, which was cited in Rachel Carson's 1962 book ?Silent Spring.?

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