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RE: E-M:/ Hybrid cars

Here, here!  People will lose big money on an extended cab SUV that depreciates like mad the second it’s off the lot (let’s not even mention the insurance) but they won’t buy a hybrid because “they don’t get payback?”  That doesn’t make any sense.  Clearly a hybrid or other fuel efficient vehicles make more sense for the planet and the pocket book.


Kim Hunter


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I find one of the "decision" factors in selecting cars to be quite interesting.  Re hybrids, invariably "payback statistics come up.  I wonder how often that criteria is applied to the many options one can get when shopping for different versions of different makes. My bet is that payback has very little to do with people's selection.  If they want a red car with air, Bose stereo, ABS, how many of them worry about the payback ?  But just let the topic of being green come up and all of a sudden -  "it just isn't practical given the payback...." becomes the mantra.  There are other reasons than personal finance to select "green" maybe?