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Enviro-Mich message from "Dave Poulson" <poulson@msu.edu>

  Here's a way to celebrate Rachel Carson's birthday on Sunday: Watch "Dying
to be Heard" at 8 p.m. on WKAR television.
  This half-hour documentary was produced by students at Michigan State
University's Knight Center for Environmental Journalism. It examines the
role of MSU scientist George Wallace in uncovering the link between DDT and
the death of robins and other birds.
   Carson often cited Wallace's work. It provided much of the scientific
support of what she wrote in her landmark "Silent Spring."
   Wallace worked under tremendous pressure from officials at a university
with significant research funding from the pesticide industry. His work was
derided by colleagues as well as industry representatives.
   Ultimately he was vindicated and testified about DDT before Congress. His
research represents the dawning of awareness of how toxic substances
bio-accumulate as they move up the food chain.
   The documentary is a collaboration of a diverse group of students
responsible for researching, shooting, writing words, writing music,
creating graphics, drawing images, hosting and narrating. It shows material
from the MSU archives, including some of the original birds examined by
Wallace and his students.

Dave Poulson
Associate Director
Knight Center for Environmental Journalism
Michigan State University 

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