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Re: E-M:/ Fish virus found in Lake Michigan

Be vegan, and eat wholesome spinach.
My wife was reading the other day that much of the toothpaste comes from China.
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------------------------------------------------------------------------- Enviro-Mich message from RC ------------------------------------------------------------------------- You obviously haven't heard of the 'Sportsman for Bush' group... Or was that a focus group of the NRA...

I've always found it interesting the number of people that back him, and Granholm now, and depend on Michigan's wild game to survive and don't realize that what they are eating is very capable of killing them. Well, now with the toothless FDA we can all experience poisoned and toxic food.

I was in a meeting once and brought up the fact that there are limits on what wildlife people can eat and they said that if it was so bad, the state would tell people not to eat any of it and that if it was so bad, Dow would tell people not to eat the wild animals. Is it naivety or stupidity? And on whose part? Mine or theirs...

Anyone else trust the FDA's pronouncement that the melamine tainted pork and fowl are safe to eat?

I read a while ago where someone said that 'being a vegetarian during a republican administration is a very good idea'... I thought they were joking...

Robert Cowling
Michigan Environ-Mental-ist

At 10:47 AM 5/27/2007, HAMILTREEF@aol.com wrote:
The sportfishers have been closely following the Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia (VHSv) challenge for last two years (on several fishing sites) and the recent developments are now coming daily.  When VHSv is discussed privately within the fishing organizations, sport shops, and state agencies the anger boils because the VHSv is now well known as the Republican disease deliberately brought into the Great Lakes by the GW Bush's administration ballast water.  Everyone knows the VHSv was preventable, but President Bush's indifference for the health of the Great Lakes is totally surpassed by his love and devotion to the maritime industry lobby campaign bribes.

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