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------------------------------------------------------------------------- Enviro-Mich message from RC ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Detroit ranks third: http://cityguides.msn.com/citylife/greenslideshow.aspx?cp-documentid=4848635&imageindex=1

5 Cities That Need Help Getting Green

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Go figure: The heart of the American auto industry suffers from congestion, particulate pollution and heavy ozone. The woes of car manufacturers and a loss of jobs have caused large segments of Detroit?s population to bleed to the suburbs or leave altogether. For those who have stayed, few farmers markets, green buildings or renewable energy programs are to be found. But American companies are showing signs of a comeback in the sustainability game. Ford?s River Rouge assembly plant is home to one of the most extensive green roofs in the country­the work of legendary eco-architect William McDonough­and at the 2007 International Auto Show, GM became the first company to show the world a plug-in hybrid/electric concept car, the Chevy Volt.

Number 1: Columbus
Number 2: Dallas
Number 4: Houston
Number 5: Indianapolis

5 Cities that are greener than you think http://cityguides.msn.com/citylife/greenslideshow.aspx?cp-documentid=4848659&GT1=9966

Grand Rapids ranks second:

5 Cities That Are Greener Than You Think (

Photo courtesy of the Grand Rapids/Kent County Convention & Visitors Bureau) Showing someone fishing for that tainted fish. Yum!

Grand Rapids

Sensible and unassuming Grand Rapids, Mich., has adopted as part of its Sustainability Vision Statement the logic of ?the triple bottom line,? a philosophy that triangulates between three kinds of capital: Financial, ecological and social. As the city with the most green buildings per capita, Grand Rapids? built environment has definitely reached this balance. Long known as Furniture City, Grand Rapids is also home to Steelcase, another practitioner of the triple bottom line and maker of radically green office furniture.
Number 1: Albuquerque
Number 3: Las Vegas?
Number 4: Los Angeles?!?
Number 5: Salt Lake City

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