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E-M:/ RE: E/M What is this????????????? Near RACO, MI

Enviro-Mich message from "Eric Piehl" <ericpiehl@comcast.net>

That explains it.

Sure looks like an airport, with:
	three interlocking runways, and 
	a ramp to the west.  
	no buildings visible,
	no runway numbers to verify you are landing in the right place,
	no piano keys to show you where to put your wheels down.

If the original buildings were WWII barracks and not maintained since, that
explains it.

I do not see big X's drawn or cut into them to show the runway is not in

That site's Topo Map tab also calls it "Raco Field."  

4> also shows it like that, and also calls the road M-28.

But it does have big white and black bars every 50 feet, and small ones
every 4 meters (?).  Are these for photo surveys?  When I worked on a
surveying crew for the US Armey Corps of Engineers in another state, we had
markers not much like that painted on some roads, in farmers' fields, etc.,
in areas that we were doing long-term photo-surveys.  We had white-on-black
crosshairs, and white circles.

Peace, Eric Piehl.
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The triangle in the photo is Raco Field, a WWII training site. It is closed
now, X's on the runways, but has been used in firefighting operations. It is
always a welcome site when I am flying west out of Sault Ste. Marie as there
isn't much open terrain and the surface is good enough to easily accommodate
an emergency landing. It is accessible from M-28. I have never seen any
black helicopters there.

John Covert
Friends of the Detroit River
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Subject: E-M:/ What is this????????????? Near RACO, MI

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

Someone please tell me what this thing is....west of Raco, MI just south of
M-28 in the Eastern Upper Peninsula


If you know what it is, please tell me how you know and what evidence you
have of its identity??

It doesn't look old....it looks new......4/28/1998 photo

It doesn't appear on a Michigan list of airports.

What are the circles and triangular shape for?

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