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E-M:/ EPA announces $8mill grant for assistance to livestock operators

If the EPA is going to spend money on this, they might as well do it in Michigan --


From: Bonnelycke.Nina@epamail.epa.gov [mailto:Bonnelycke.Nina@epamail.epa.gov]
Sent: Thursday, May 24, 2007 7:01 PM
Subject: EPA announces $8mill grant for assistance to livestock operators


EPA is announcing a new $7.9 million grant opportunity through which the Agency will help livestock operators prevent water discharges and reduce air emissions by identifying environmental challenges and learning ways to address them.

EPA is seeking applicants for the funding opportunity, which the Agency is posting as an open solicitation.  The grant recipient will provide livestock operations with two types of technical assistance at no cost to the operator: comprehensive assessments of water and air quality environmental challenges along with recommendations for strategies to mitigate these challenges; and, development or review of the facility's nutrient management plan.  Eligible livestock operations include facilities of all sizes in all animal sectors throughout the United States.

To learn more about this grant opportunity, please refer to:

We'd appreciate your help in distributing information on the announcement to interested parties and potential applicants.  

(If you are receiving this email more than once, we apologize for the duplication.)

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