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E-M:/ Understanding the Energy Crisis in Michigan

Hi Everyone!


With energy issues heating up as the temperature outside rises, Michigan stands at a crossroads.  We can either continue with this business as usual model that keeps us relying on non-renewable resources, sends $20 billion a year out state and pollutes our land, air and water.  Or we can take a bold step and travel down a new path lined with strong investments in renewable energy and robust energy efficiency programs, which create jobs and reduce harmful global warming pollution.


  • Want to learn about all the great things an investment in renewable energy will do for Michigan?
  • Do you have questions on how Michigan can move towards a new energy future? 
  • Need an expert for a community meeting to sort through all the different policy options and the role of citizens?  
  • Want to know more about how renewable energy can be Michigan’s answer to solving global warming?
  • Looking for ways that citizens can play a role in solving this energy crisis?


If you answered yes to any of those questions, then call Environment Michigan.  Right now we are working across the state to increase awareness of the energy crisis that Michigan along with the rest of the country faces.  We have pieces of legislation that have bi-partisan support in the state legislature – but we need the help of citizens to make those move.  So please contact Abby Rubley at Environment Michigan so we can start down this new path. 


Please contact:

Abby Rubley

Environment Michigan, Field Organizer

734-662-9797 ph