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E-M:/ Michigan EE Workshops for Educators of Gr. 4-9

Enviro-Mich message from plschmid@mtu.edu

Please share the following announcements with any educators who may be
interested in these upcoming workshops:

Michigan Environmental Education Workshops for Educators of
Grades 4-9, July 25-26-27, 2007 in Traverse City

Classroom teachers, as well as informal educators who work with students
in grades 4-9, are invited to participate in an upcoming series of
Michigan Environmental Education Curriculum Support (MEECS) workshops
scheduled to take place July 25-27th,  at the Great Lakes Campus (Rm. 112)
of Northwestern Michigan College in Traverse City.  Please see the
registration form online at:   www.michiganenvironmentaled.org

The five different workshops are scheduled as follows (see bottom for
detailed information on each session and more information about MEECS):

Wednesday, July 25th
"       Ecosystems & Biodiversity (for Gr. 4-6)   8:30 AM-12:00 PM
"       Land Use (for Gr. 4-5)   1:00 PM-4:30 PM

Thursday, July 26th
"       Water Quality (for Gr. 6-8)   8:30 AM-12:00 PM
"       Air Quality (for Gr. 7-9)  1:00 PM-4:30 PM

Friday, July 27th
"       Energy Resources (for Gr. 7-9) 8:30 AM-12:00 PM

The cost of each workshop is $40, which includes a copy of the related
unit notebook and classroom kit.   Each unit includes a notebook of
engaging, innovative hands-on lessons, CD-ROM, posters, and a classroom
kit of resources. Units are designed to enhance students' skills and
understanding of Michigan's environment.

Teachers can obtain 0.3 SB-CEU credits per workshop at no additional cost.
Those attending at least four of the workshops are eligible to earn 1
graduate credit through Michigan Tech University for an additional $214.

The workshop series is being hosted by the Michigan Alliance for
Environmental & Outdoor Education (MAEOE), in partnership with the Great
Lakes Water Studies Institute, Traverse Bay Area Intermediate School
District, MSU Extension-Leelanau, and Michigan Sea Grant.  For more
information about MAEOE, and to see a statewide calendar of EE events,
visit www.michiganenvironmentaled.org.

Please contact Pam Schmidt, at schmi345@msu.edu or 231-256-8323

To Register:
Please send payment with completed registration form (posted at
www.michiganenvironmentaled.org .

What is MEECS?
The Michigan Environmental Education Curriculum Support (MEECS) is a set
of five separate unit kits, each containing interdisciplinary science &
social studies-based lessons with support materials (posters, picture
cards, electronic resources, etc.) that are designed to assist teachers in
educating students in grades 4-9 about Michigan's environment.  The five
units are:  Ecosystems & Biodiversity (gr. 4-6), Land-Use (gr. 4-5), Water
Quality (gr. 6-8), Energy Resources (gr. 7-9), and Air Quality (gr. 7-9). 
The five units provide opportunities for Michigan students to make
connections between our environment, economy, and society through
inquiry-oriented, data-based lessons.  The units can be used individually,
adopted into a school's multi-year science curricula, or combined to form
the basis for an integrated science course.  The materials were developed
with leadership from the Michigan Departments of Environmental Quality
(MDEQ) and Department of Education (MDE), in partnership with scores of
scientists, writers, teachers, environmental organizations, and business
groups from around the state. The project was initially funded by the
Clean Michigan Initiative bond issue passed in 1998.  For more information
about MEECS, visit www.michigan.gov/deq-meecs.

What are Michigan educators saying about MEECS?
"I LOVE that it is Michigan based.  The kids relate to it so much better. 
The visuals and materials are excellent!"
       "The students can really relate to the materials.  It's an
excellent supplement to the program we already have."
"Understanding science material with a MI emphasis
"Kid and teacher friendly."  "The outside learning component."
       "The lessons are laid out in a way that allows you to either use it
all or just pick and choose."

Descriptions of Sessions

Wednesday July 25, 2007
"       Ecosystems & Biodiversity (for Gr. 4-6)   8:30 AM-12:00 PM
In this two-part unit students first develop a basic understanding of and
appreciation for Michigan ecosystems, how they work, why they are
important, and how they have changed over time.   In the second section,
students focus on the topic of biodiversity, learning why it is important,
how it is threatened, and what we can all do to help be better stewards of
our environment.  Students participate in engaging activities including
the Michigan's Web-of-Life, Biodiversity Survey, and Most Unwanted
Invaders of the Great Lakes Region.  Presenter:  Pam Schmidt, Unit Lead
Writer /Science Education Specialist
"       Land Use (for Grades 4-5)   1:00 PM-4:30 PM
Students learn how to analyze issues regarding land use and understand
human impact on the environment.  Topics include learning about different
ways people use the land, how to measure changes in land use using aerial
photographs, and then using real data to identify patterns in Michigan's
land use, at both county and state levels. A great follow-up to the
Ecosystems & Biodiversity Unit!  Presenters:  Jessica Wagonmaker, Teacher
(Holton Middle School, Muskegon) & Pam Schmidt, Science Education

Thursday, July 26th
"       Water Quality (Gr. 6-8)   8:30 AM-12:00 PM
Students discover the essential role that water plays in Michigan's
economy and our lives, calculate direct and indirect water use, explore
how Michigan watersheds are connected to the Great Lakes, identify
characteristics of healthy streams, analyze Michigan stream data, and
investigate challenges to the Great Lakes.  Presenter:  Jessica
Wagonmaker, Teacher (Holton Middle School, Muskegon)
"       Air Quality  Gr. 7-9  1:00 PM-4:30 PM
The Air Quality Unit is designed to provide materials that will better
students' understanding of air quality and why it is so important to our
earth.  The curriculum will be divided into several lessons such as "What
can we do about air pollution?" and "Why should we be concerned about air
quality?."  This curriculum was carefully created by a team of experts
with the guidance and support of the DEQ.   Presenter:  Dr. Janet Vail,
Unit Lead Writer (Annis Water Resources Institute, Grand Valley State

Friday, July 27th
"       Energy Resources (for Gr. 7-9) 8:30 AM-12:00 PM
Discover Michigan's energy use and sources, how electricity is generated,
renewable and non-renewable energy resources, energy conservation and
efficiency, and environmental sustainability. Students keep an Energy Use
Diary, compare Michigan and U.S. per capita energy consumption to energy
use in other countries, and calculate their energy footprint. What is
Michigan's energy future?  Presenter:  Pam Schmidt,  Science Education

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