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E-M:/ Cherry Tree restoration under scrutiny

Note the photos.
Green groups taking a wait-and-see approach
The recently erected silt fencing runs along the eastern and western boarders of the property, and surrounds the inn's sandy 150-foot beach, volleyball court and numerous lounge chairs. The area replanted on the western portion of the property is in an irregular, hour-glass shape.

"We're very glad they did the planting, but we're not quite sure yet if it is adequate enough to be called restoration,” said Northern Michigan Environmental Action Council board member Gregory Reisig. "We are wondering about the width on the western side of the property. It's not uniform. For me, I had hoped that they had done some plantings in the water as well.”

John Nelson, baykeeper for the Watershed Center Grand Traverse Bay, closely followed the restoration work and said he was on site when the silt fences and plants went in. Like Reisig, he believes the agreement should require the inn to plant vegetation in the water.

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